What is the Average Cost of an Electric Scooter in Canada?

What is the Average Cost of an Electric Scooter in Canada?

From the bustling streets of Toronto to the scenic paths of Vancouver, electric scooters have become the go-to choice for eco-friendly, convenient, and fun transportation. But what is the average cost of owning one of these nifty rides in Canada? A good electric scooter could cost you anywhere upwards of $800, but the in most cases the cost depends entirely on your needs.

Electric scooters typically range anywhere from $500-$2000, but someone seeking the occasional adventure definitely doesn’t need to drop 2 bands on a scooter, unless they really want to. Electric scooters are often sorted into four categories, Kids, Commuter, Long Range, and Off Road/Sport. In this article we’ll discuss the advantage and price range for both so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your electric scooter.

Ninebot C20

Kids Electric Scooters ($200 - $500)

The youngest members of the family need not feel left out of the electric revolution. Kid-friendly electric scooters come packed with safety features, vibrant designs, and just the right amount of zip to keep the fun rolling. With prices ranging from $200 to $500, these scooters offer a perfect blend of affordability and excitement.

  • Ninebot C20 ($430): A robust choice for the young adventurer, combining safety with a touch of speed.
  • Ninebot A6 ($220): Ideal for beginners, this model is wallet-friendly and designed for easy handling.
  • Ninebot Zing E12 ($400): With a sleek design, this scooter promises hours of outdoor fun with a dash of style.

$400 can be a lot of money to spend on something your kid might only use once, so it’s important to consider how often the scooter will really get used before you spend all that money. Kids Electric Scooters come in a range of sizes and colours, making them suitable for kids at any age. The lower price point for kids electric scooters come from their specs, typically kids scooters only go a max speed of 15-20KM (in the fastest setting), and only reach about 20KM in range. Kids don’t need to travel to work or run errands on a scooter, so they’re usually designed for shorter adventures.

Ninebot G30LP

Commuter Electric Scooters ($600 - $900)

For the daily grind, commuter scooters stand out as the champions of efficiency and reliability. Priced between $600 and $900, they strike a fine balance between performance and cost, ensuring you get to your destination without a hitch.

  • Ninebot G30LP ($850): A powerhouse of range and comfort, perfect for the longer urban commutes.  Check out our expert review of this scooter Here.
  • Blutron One S ($700): Combines portability with performance, making it a top pick for city dwellers. Check out our expert review of this scooter Here.
  • Ninebot ES2 ($600): Offers a smooth ride with essential features, representing the entry point into serious commuting scooters.

Commuter scooters are typically the lowest costing option for adults, these models are designed for daily use, getting you to and from school or work on a single charge. The only areas that these scooters fall short is their speed and range, Commuter Scooters aren’t designed for high speed races or cross country travel, they’re just a great alternative to public transit and cars. If you’re looking for a way to improve your daily commute or just want something you can bust out on the weekends for a joyride, commuter scooters are a safe and budget friendly choice.

Ninebot Max G2

Long Range Scooters ($1000 - $1500)

For those who crave adventure beyond the city limits or need that extra mile, long-range and off-road scooters present the ultimate solution. With prices ranging from $1000 to $1600, they are built to conquer rough terrains and deliver unparalleled range.

  • Ninebot Max G2 ($1,399.99): An all-terrain beast with the stamina to back up its rugged looks.  Check out our expert review of this scooter Here.
  • Inmotion S1F ($1,499): Offers a blend of technology and performance, ideal for the demanding commuter or weekend warrior. 
  • Ninebot G30P (1049): An upgraded version of the G30LP, offering a better range and a smoother ride.  Check out our expert review of this scooter Here.

Long range scooters are designed for commuters who might live further from their office or school than others, this class of scooter is designed to go far distances with ease. Take the Inmotion S1F for example, this scooter has a whopping 95KM range on a single charge, that’s enough to take you from Oshawa to the Downtown core of Toronto without having to stop and charge up. While these scooters do have an increased range, their speed is comparable to average commuter scooters, only reaching 30-40KM an hour, so while they will take you a further distance, they won’t get you where you’re going any faster.

Kugoo G2 Pro

Sport & Off Road Scooters: ($1500 - $2000+)

For the speed demons and thrill-seekers, Sport Electric Scooters offer the pinnacle of performance and adrenaline.

  • Kugoo G2 Pro ($1,499.99): A solid choice for off-road enthusiasts, providing durability and power for those off-the-beaten-path adventures. Check out our expert review of this scooter Here.
  •  Apollo Phantom ($2399): a testament to what electric scooters can achieve in terms of speed, range, and advanced features.

Off Road Electric Scooters are built for higher speeds and rougher terrains. This class of scooter is popular among those who live in more rural areas, an off road scooter can conquer any kind of landscape, and with their powerful motors, challenges like hills and bumps become obsolete. While these scooters are fun alternatives to their city counterparts, off road scooters, like the Kugoo G2 Pro, typically have a lower range since the batter has to work harder to power the motor, as a result you’ll get a great performance from these scooters, but not for very long.

While this class of scooter can be fun to ride, they aren’t built for inexperienced riders and they definitely don’t mesh well in urban landscapes. Another detriment to sport scooters is electric scooter laws, in Toronto electric scooters are only permitted to go 25KM per hour, so it doesn’t make much sense to spend all that money on something you can’t take full advantage of. While sport scooters are fun and flashy, they typically aren’t worth the investment for most electric scooter enthusiast.

Similar to Off Road Scooters, sport class scooters don’t always have a great range. In order to hit those top speeds your battery needs to work harder to power the motor, resulting in a decrease in range. Sport Scooters are built for sprints, not marathons.

So which electric scooter is best for you? When purchasing an electric scooter be sure to check out the specs, determine what class the scooter falls under, and shop within your budget. For the best selection of electric scooters in any class, check out T-Dot Wheels, Canada’s preferred electric scooter retailer.

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