Local Warranty 

No matter what, we've got you covered! Anytime you buy from our open box collection, your scooter is covered by our T-Dot Wheels Hassle-Free Local warranty. This warranty covers the scooter for 4-Weeks or 200kms1, whichever comes first.

This warranty is similar to the limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

T-Dot Wheels will provide a hassle free exchange for any customer in the event that the unit experiences anyelectrical or mechanical defects that impair the scooter from operating as it should,  based on the manufacturer's expectations. 

This warranty does not cover any cosmetic defects that do not impair the normal electrical or mechanical operation of the scooter. It is at the discretion of T-Dot Wheels to honour any such requests. 

1. In addItion to the mileage that was on the scooters at the time of purchase

2. Only certain parts covered by the manufacturer are similar

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Peace of Mind

Manufacturer's Warranty 

All E-Scooters or products that are purchased "Brand New In the Box" are covered by the manufacturers 1-Year Limited Warranty. 

For any warranty related inquiries, please contact the manufacturer of the product with your proof of purchase from T-Dot Wheels. 

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