Comparing the Segway Ninebot G30LP and G30P: Which one is better for you?

Comparing the Segway Ninebot G30LP and G30P: Which one is better for you?

When it comes to electric scooters, Segway Ninebot is a brand that consistently delivers top-quality products. Among their popular models are the Ninebot G30LP and G30P, both of which have garnered rave reviews from riders worldwide. However, when it comes time to choose between the two, which one is better for you? In this article, we'll compare the Segway Ninebot G30LP and G30P, delving into their key features and differences to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

Both the G30LP and G30P boast a sleek and modern design, showcasing Segway Ninebot's commitment to style and sophistication. Both models feature a durable aluminum alloy frame and a foldable design that makes them easy to carry and store. However, the G30LP is slightly lighter than the G30P, weighing in at 17.5KG compared to the G30P's 18.5KG. This difference in weight may be an essential factor for users who prioritize portability.

Performance: Speed and Range

The G30LP and G30P both offer impressive performance, with the G30P taking an edge in terms of range. The G30P has a top speed of 30 KM/H and a maximum range of 65 KM, while the G30LP offers a comparable top speed of 30 KM/HR and a maximum range of 40 KM. If distance (range) is your priority, the G30P is the better option for you.

Battery and Charging Time

The G30LP and the G30P use the same 36 volt battery output and 42 volt input, but given that the G30P has a longer range it also requires additional charging time to account for the battery capacity. The G30LP has a shorter charging time of 5 hours compared to the G30P's 6-hour charging time. If you're often in a rush and need a quick charge, the G30LP might be a more suitable choice.

Tires, Suspension and Build

Both the G30LP and G30P are equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, providing a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains. They tie when it comes to this as they both have a smooth riding experience. However, the G30P does come with a taller handlebar and longer footboard which allows for more comfort while standing. 

Braking System

When it comes to safety, an effective braking system is essential. Both the G30LP and G30P features a rear drum brake and an electric regenerative brake. They both perform very well and have the same features. 

Smartphone Connectivity and App Features

Both the G30LP and G30P offer smartphone connectivity through the Segway Ninebot app, allowing riders to access features such as remote locking, cruise control, and firmware updates. The app also provides detailed information about the scooter's performance, including battery life, speed, and trip data. However, the G30P offers a few additional app features, such as customizable ambient lighting and the ability to limit scooter performance in certain situations (e.g., when lending the scooter to a friend or novice rider).


While the G30LP and G30P both offer an excellent array of features and performance capabilities, their price points differ significantly. The G30LP is the more budget-friendly option, typically priced around $1000, whereas the G30P comes with a higher price tag, often found at around $1200 or more. When considering which scooter is right for you, it's essential to weigh the additional features and performance capabilities of the G30P against the price difference between the two models.

Who Should Choose the G30LP?

The Segway Ninebot G30LP is an excellent option for riders who value portability, faster charging time, and affordability. Its lighter weight and shorter charging time make it a practical choice for users who frequently need to carry their scooter or charge it on the go. Additionally, if you're on a budget and don't require the extra speed, range, and features of the G30P, the G30LP is a solid choice that won't break the bank.

Who Should Choose the G30P?

The Segway Ninebot G30P is well-suited for riders who prioritize performance, range, and advanced features. With its longer range, and taller height, longer footboard, the G30P offers a more robust riding experience, ideal for users who need a scooter for longer commutes or more demanding riding conditions. Furthermore, if you're willing to invest in the additional app features and enhanced comfort of foot space, this model might be the perfect fit for you.

When comparing the Segway Ninebot G30LP and G30P, it's essential to consider your individual needs, preferences, and budget. Both scooters offer exceptional quality, performance, and design, but cater to different priorities and requirements. By evaluating the key differences between the two models, you can make an informed decision about which scooter is the best fit for your lifestyle. Whether you choose the G30LP for its portability and affordability or the G30P for its extended range and upgraded features, you're sure to enjoy a fun and engaging riding experience on your Segway Ninebot scooter.

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