What is an IPX Waterproof Rating & Is my Electric Scooter Waterproof?

What is an IPX Waterproof Rating & Is my Electric Scooter Waterproof?

When purchasing an electric scooter there are many considerations that you look out for to determine which is the best of the best. Some of these factors include price, max speed, condition and max payload, another worthwhile consideration is the “IP” rating. 

IP stands for "Ingress Protection". It measures how well a device is protected against both solid objects and liquids such as dust, debris and most importantly; water. 

When purchasing an electric scooter you want to ensure that you choose the scooter with the best IP rating, IP ratings commonly look something like this IPX4, IPX5, IPX7... and so on.

Of course, the level of IP protection you require depends on what you intend to use the scooter for, if you’re an adventure-seeking ‘off-roader’ then a higher IP rating is necessary for better protection. But if you’re just the average commuter looking to use the electric scooter more casually, then an IPX4 or IPX5 rating is perfect for you. 

**Please note, the IPX rating of your scooter is impacted every time you go for a ride. Flex, vibration, temperature, and other external events impact this rating. Moisture & water will get into your scooter eventually, especially if you ride consistently in wet conditions. the purpose of this blog is to explain and define the IPX rating system but please be aware of the danger that comes with riding in wet conditions. Not only is this a financial risk but also a safety risk as well, so please ride accordingly.**

So what does IPX5 mean? 

IPX5 is the protective rating right smack in the middle of the scale, this means that it is very protective against natural elements such as wind or light rain, but not strong enough to withstand a dive into a swimming pool. 

No E-scooter should be submerged in a body of water or left out overnight in a rainstorm, but for the more common natural occurrences such as light rainfall or mist, the IPX5 rating is perfect for protecting the scooter. Again, overtime your scooter becomes less protected against the elements, meaning that you still need to be cautious of moisture entering your scooter.  

Specifically, the “5” in IPX5 means that the scooter is protective against dust particles & debris to a certain extent, ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the safe operation of the equipment. Essentially meaning that as long as you keep your scooter in clean condition, you likely won'y face issues! 

The same can be said for water, although it can’t withstand a run through the carwash, an IPX5-rated scooter can easily withstand some light rainfall, mist, and even light snow! Making it perfectly compatible with all the needs of a casual rider. 

The IP Chart System 

Check out this chart that accurately outlines the IP scale as well as the protection levels of each category: 

IP Rating 

Protection Against Liquids

Protection Against Solids 


No protection 

No protection 


Can withstand a drip of water only

Protective against large objects but not debris 


Can withstand a few drops of water 

Protective against finger sized objects 


Can withstand light mist 

Protective against sharp objects or wires 


Can withstand light raindrops 

Protective against large bugs, screws, or wires


Can withstand light-medium rain and mist levels 

Can protect against dust and debris to a sufficient quantity but too much will interfere with operation of the machine


Can withstand medium-heavier rain and mist

Complete protection against dust and debris in large quantities. 


Can be submerged up to 1 metre underwater without causing damage 

Complete protection against dust and debris in large quantities. 


Can be submerged up to 2 metres underwater without causing damage 

Complete protection against dust and debris in large quantities. 

When analyzing the IP rating chart it's also important to remember that these ratings don’t only apply to electric scooters they apply to almost all types of devices or machinery. 

For example, the iPhone 14 has an IP rating of IP68 meaning that it has a solids rating of 6 and a liquids rating of 8. 

What’s the best IPX rating for an Electric Scooter? 

In our opinion, the IPX4 & IPX5 ratings are the perfect and most common rating for electric scooters, this provides all-around protection for your scooter in a casual setting. 

Of course, if you choose to brave a hurricane with your scooter you should be aware of the consequences, but for casual riding in the city or rural areas, an IPX5 rating should work perfectly! 

**At T-Dot Wheels we do not encourage unsafe riding practices or actions that may damage your scooter. Despite your IPX rating, electric scooters do not mix with water or moisture so it's in your best interest to only ride when it's dry out, and to avoid over exposing your scooter to liquids.** 

Have a question about your scooter's IP rating? Contact us today or check out our selection of IPX4 & IPX5 - Rated Scooters.  

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