InMotion Air Pro electric scooter displayed in a serene park setting, emphasizing its modern design and mobility efficiency for city use.

Reviewing the InMotion Air Pro Electric Scooter

The InMotion Air Pro is one of the latest designs introduced by InMotion. This entry into the commuter class of scooters stands as an innovation, showcasing that powerful electric scooters can be lightweight and have a sleek design. Our scooter experts here at T-Dot Wheels have road tested the InMotion Air Pro so that we can provide this honest and transparent review of the scooter.


Our overall thoughts… This is one hell of an electric scooter, not only is it fast, but it has a beautiful design, and it won’t break the bank! Keep reading for our full review of this electric scooter. 


First Impressions Unboxing the InMotion Air Pro

When you first open the box you’ll notice that there really isn’t much else but the scooter. In the box you’ll find:

     - The InMotion Air Pro

     - The Handle Bars


     - A Charger (+ Cord)

     - The User Manual

First Impressions

Opening the box, the InMotion Air Pro impresses with its sleek, minimalist design. The attention to detail is evident from the first touch, setting the stage for a premium experience.

The scooter is made from high-quality materials, featuring a strong yet lightweight frame. 


Watch us unbox the Air Pro right now!


When you take the scooter out of the box you’ll notice a few things, most importantly the high-quality materials the scooter is made from, featuring a strong yet lightweight frame. The modern look, with its clean lines and ergonomic setup, invites riders to jump on and start their journey.



Man riding InMotion Air Pro electric scooter in a park, showcasing its sleek design and portability, perfect for urban outdoor commuting.


Speed and Performance

The InMotion Air Pro's powerful 400W motor allows it to accelerate quickly, reaching a top speed of 35 km/hr, which competes well in the market.

This scooter doesn’t just keep up; it often leads the pack thanks to its acceleration and consistent performance. Check out our comparison chart below to see how this scooter holds up against popular models like Segway Ninebot.

Battery Life and Charging
With a range of 48 km per charge, the InMotion Air Pro can exceed typical urban riding needs, supporting long distances without frequent recharges.

The fast-charging capability means it’s ready to go again in just a few hours, minimising downtime.



Close-up view of the rear light and fender of the InMotion Air Pro electric scooter, highlighting its safety features and sleek design on an urban road.

Safety Features
Safety is a priority with the InMotion Air Pro, featuring advanced lighting for visibility and reliable safety locks.
The integrated disc and EABS braking system is both effective and smooth, providing confidence without the abrupt stops of lesser models.

Portability and Storage
The scooter folds down easily, and is very light compared to most e-scooters on the market.
It can be conveniently stored in small spaces, ideal for urban living where space is at a premium.


Detailed view of the folding mechanism on the InMotion Air Pro electric scooter, featuring instructions and a red folding lever for easy storage and transport.

Pros and Cons

The InMotion Air Pro offers great battery life, robust safety features, and a user-friendly experience, appealing to both new and experienced riders. But its higher cost, due to the premium build and features, might not fit everyone’s budget.

Comparison with Other Scooters

When considering the InMotion Air Pro in relation to its similarly priced competitors, namely the Ninebot F30, F40, and Max G30LP by Segway, several key differences emerge that set the Air Pro apart:

Top Speed and Power

InMotion Air Pro: Tops out at 35 km/hr with a 400W motor.
Ninebot F30: Reaches 25 km/hr with a 300W motor.
Ninebot F40: Matches 30 km/hr with a 350W motor.
Ninebot Max G30LP: Also reaches 30 km/hr with a 350W motor.

The Air Pro leads in speed and power, offering faster and more robust performance, which is crucial for those needing a swift commute.


InMotion Air Pro: Offers a range of 48 km per charge.
Ninebot F30: Provides up to 30 km.
Ninebot F40 and Max G30LP: Both offer up to 40 km.

The Air Pro stands out with the longest range, making it ideal for longer commutes without the need for frequent recharges.

Climb Ability

InMotion Air Pro and Ninebot F40/Max G30LP: Can handle slopes up to 20 degrees.
Ninebot F30: Limited to 15 degrees.

The Air Pro provides superior climb capability and supports a heavier load, enhancing its utility for a broader range of users and more varied terrains.

Weight and Portability

InMotion Air Pro: Weighs 17.7 kg.
Ninebot F30: Lightest at 15.5 kg.
Ninebot F40: Close at 15.8 kg.
Ninebot Max G30LP: Weighs 17.5 kg.

While the Air Pro is slightly heavier, it remains competitive, especially considering its enhanced features and capabilities.

Price-to-Performance Ratio

InMotion Air Pro: Priced at $949.00 CAD.
Ninebot F30: Cheapest at $899.99 CAD.
Ninebot F40: $999.98 CAD.
Ninebot Max G30LP: Most expensive at $1,049.99 CAD.

Considering its top speed, range, power, and additional features, the InMotion Air Pro offers significant value for its price, balancing cost with advanced capabilities.

The InMotion Air Pro Electric Scooter excels in speed, range, power, and utility compared to its Ninebot counterparts. It is particularly suited for individuals looking for a robust, reliable electric scooter that can handle longer distances and varied urban environments efficiently and comfortably.

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