How Do I Clean my E-Scooter?

How Do I Clean my E-Scooter?

A lot of people think that cleaning an electric scooter is only necessary when it looks dirty, but honestly cleaning your scooter should just be part of your regular maintenance routine. 

Electric scooters pick up dirt, debris, and just about all else on the roads and sidewalks, dedicating 5-10 minutes a week for cleaning it will not only help you prolong its lifespan, but it also helps to keep your scooter looking it's very best. 

Cleaning a scooter is straightforward, but for those of us who aren’t imaginative, we’ve created a 6 step checklist for cleaning any electric scooter, no matter how dirty it may be this checklist will help with restoring it to its former glory! 

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Step 1: Check the Scooter Manual for Specific Cleaning Instructions

You know that scooter manual that you looked at once when you were unboxing your scooter and then never looked at again? That manual has specific cleaning instructions for that model of E-scooter

Although there are a lot of generalized cleaning tactics that you can use on your scooter, the best way to get a deep clean is to use the instructions listed in the manual. Yes, that means that you’ll have to dig out the box the scooter came in and look for the little manual booklet, but once you’ve followed the instructions a few times it’ll be like second nature to you. 

Don’t have the manual? You can likely find it online with a quick Google Search! Thankfully the internet is an untapped well of information, so somewhere out there you can bet there’s the manual for your specific scooter model (most likely on the scooter brand's website). 

Step 2: Understanding the Materials your Scooter is made of

A lot of people (and I mean the majority of scooter owners) have no clue what materials make up their electric scooter. What does this lead to? People using a pressure washer or hose to spray down their scooter to get the job done quickly. 

Some electric scooters use materials that allow them to be water resistant, others are not water resistant at all. Either way, DON’T USE A HOSE TO SPRAY YOUR SCOOTER! Even though most iPhones are water resistant doesn’t mean that you throw it in a pool to test that theory, the same idea applies to scooters. 

Instead of soaking your electric scooter completely, you should use a minimal amount of water on the external surface of your scooter only. What’s the keyword in electric scooter? Electric, and last time we checked, water and electricity don’t mix well. So don’t go overboard with the liquids, keep it simple and use water efficiently. 

Step 3: Turn your Scooter off

This may seem like common sense, but a lot of people will clean their scooter immediately after use or while it's still powered on. Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure the scooter is off and completely cooled down. 

Like we mentioned before, water and electricity don’t mix, turn your scooter off to ensure that there are no live wires when you’re working on the scooter with water. 

Step 4: Detach the Parts you can

Some Electric Scooters have detachable batteries, removable seats or accessories. Be sure to remove all of these from the scooter before you begin, and clean them all separately. 

For the battery, when removed be sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth, don’t get it wet. Simply take a dry cloth, rag or paper towel and wipe the battery down removing any dirt or debris you see. 

For detachable seats & accessories, as long as they’re not electric in any way you can clean them with water or a cleaning solution. Before you put anything back on the scooter make sure that both the parts and the scooter are completely dry to avoid trapping any water on the unit (as this could create rust or mildew). 

Step 5: Use a Cleaning Solution & Apply Thoroughly 

The best homemade cleaning solution for your electric scooter is baking soda, vinegar and water. This combination (when applied to the surface of your scooter) works better than any store-bought remedy. 

The vinegar & baking soda creates a foam-like paste that can loosen any dirt or debris on the scooter, the water is then used to wash the solution off of the scooter leaving it looking brand new. 

The solution can be applied to all parts of your scooter but you should especially focus on the wheels. The wheels of your scooter pick up the most amount of dirt and debris, keeping them clean will not only prolong the lifespan of the wheels, but it will also provide you with a smoother ride. Check out our video on how to refurbish and clean a scooter:


Remember, apply the baking soda/vinegar solution to the scooter first, then dampen a cloth with water and wipe the solution away roughly a minute after application. 

Step 6: Let it Dry 

Before you put the battery or any other part back on the scooter, be sure to let it dry off. You can use a dry paper towel or even leave it outside for about 15 minutes. 

Moisture on the scooter can only lead to problems in the future. To prolong your scooter's lifespan (and to keep it looking aesthetic) always let it dry completely after cleaning it. 

There you have it, folks, 6 simple steps are all it takes to keep your scooter healthy and looking brand new! For more great electric scooter tips be sure to check out our scooter blog at 

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Thanks for the advice about making sure the scooter is off and has cooled down before cleaning it. Do you think 30 minutes is enough for the scooter to cool down? I’m just renting one, and I want to take proper care of it.

Elaina D'Agostino

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