CPO E-Scooters vs Certified Refurbished E-Scooters

CPO E-Scooters vs Certified Refurbished E-Scooters

So you want to buy an electric scooter but aren’t sure what the difference is between a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) and a Refurbished scooter, truth be told there is actually quite a difference between the two. 

Both CPO & refurbished scooters are put through diagnostic testing, both get replacement parts if necessary, and both can be used on the road. But the main difference between these two classifications is how well they are maintained by the previous owner and how much work goes into the testing and diagnostics before being resold. 

To learn more about the CPO program at T-Dot Wheels check out our CPO scooters page at: https://tdotwheels.com/pages/certified-pre-owned-escooters 

What’s a CPO Electric Scooter? 

A Certified Pre-Owned electric scooter is essentially the same as a certified used car, it’s something that has been previously used and then fixed up to be resold. 

Unlike used cars, electric scooters are often only used a few times then traded in for an upgraded model, so a lot of the CPO scooters on the market nowadays have barely been used. To give you an example, most of the pre-owned Electric Scooters that pass through T-Dot Wheels only have 10KM-100KM on them, meaning they’re still practically brand new. 

CPO electric scooters are put through in-depth diagnostic testing before being packaged for consumer purchases, such diagnostics include safety tests and certifications to ensure that the device is ‘road ready’. 

Buying a CPO scooter means that you can buy with confidence, instead of taking the risk with a fishy internet seller, such as someone on eBay or Kijiji, a CPO scooter has been tested and certified to ensure that the device you get is safe to use and close to ‘brand new’ quality. 

What’s a Refurbished Electric Scooter? 

A refurbished electric scooter on the other hand is one that has been fixed up by a business or individual but is still quite different from a brand-new electric scooter. 

Although refurbished scooters still run well, they are likely more used and as a result, they won’t last as long as a new or CPO scooter. 

Consider the following scenario, a person owns a classic muscle car, it’s great but not as great as when they bought it. Instead of selling the car for parts they fix it up the best they can and sell it to someone else, this is essentially the same refurbishing process for scooters. 

Although refurbished scooters are still great to use, they aren’t as well-tested or well-maintained as certified pre-owned scooters. 

CPO or Brand New Electric Scooters? 

Buying an electric scooter can be quite an extensive process, not only do you need to think about the quality of the scooter, but you also have to consider factors such as colour, height, max payload, and price. 

Buying a brand new scooter gives you the most choice in terms of what kind of scooter you will get, depending on your budget you can choose the scooter that best reflects your needs, but of course, this will be more expensive than buying a used scooter. 

When buying a CPO scooter you’re able to save more money which you can then put towards buying necessary accessories, and you’re able to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing what’s already out there. Unfortunately, you’re limited to what the seller has in stock, so while you are saving money you have fewer options to pick from when buying. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference, if you’ve got the extra funds to buy a new scooter then go for it! This way you can choose the exact make and model that you want. If you’d rather save a bit of cash then a CPO scooter is a great cost-effective option, but you’ll have fewer options to choose from. 

Either way, you’ll get a roadworthy electric scooter that can get you from A to B with a load of fun in between. 

At T-Dot Wheels we sell both brand-new and CPO electric scooters, check out what we have in stock today to find the perfect scooter for you: https://tdotwheels.com/collections/all 

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