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Comparing the InMotion Air Pro to the Segway G30LP

Comparing the InMotion Air Pro to the Segway G30LP
The InMotion Air Pro and the Segway G30LP stand out in the world of electric scooters and it can be hard to choose between the two. This article compares each of these e-scooters, looking at price, performance, tech features, and more. If you’ve been looking for a detailed guide on either of these scooters, you’ve come to the right place. So let’s not waste any more time and head right into the comparison.


While the InMotion Air Pro offers a lower price point and higher specifications in speed and range, the Segway G30LP is recognized for its high-quality build and the reliability associated with the Segway brand. This makes it potentially a better long-term investment for those of you who prioritise durability and brand reputation over immediate cost savings.

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Price and Affordability

InMotion Air Pro at $949.00 CAD vs Segway G30LP at $1,049.99 CAD

The InMotion Air Pro, priced slightly lower than the Segway G30LP, challenges the belief that lower cost comes at the expense of performance or features.

The additional cost of the Segway G30LP is justified by its robust build quality and brand reliability, which might sway buyers looking for a long-term investment.


Top Speed: 35 km/hr for Air Pro vs 30 km/hr for G30LP

The InMotion Air Pro edges out with a top speed that’s 5 km/hr faster than the G30LP, appealing particularly to those who prioritise speed in their ride.

Range: 48 km with Air Pro vs 40 km with G30LP

With an 8 km advantage, the Air Pro offers extended freedom and flexibility, reducing the frequency of recharges needed.

Motor Power: 400W for Air Pro and 350W for G30LP

A stronger motor in the Air Pro means snappier acceleration and better handling of hills.

Which Scooter Offers Better Payload? 120 kg for Air Pro vs 100 kg for G30LP

The higher payload capacity of the Air Pro makes it a more accessible option for riders.

Testing Climb Ability: Both Models at 20 Degrees

Both scooters manage a 20-degree incline, indicating good climb capabilities ideal for hilly areas.

Tech Features and Connectivity

The integration of app connectivity and display screens in both models underscores a commitment to having the latest technology, offering enhanced control and monitoring of the scooter’s functions.

Comfort and Control

Both models have an ergonomic design to ensure comfort even during longer rides, though the specific handlebar setups may appeal differently to individual riders. The absence of shocks in both models might be felt on rougher paths and at higher speeds, but the large, air-filled tires help to mitigate uncomfortable bumps.

Portability and Practicality

17.7 kg and Foldable for Air Pro vs 17.5 kg and Foldable for G30LP

Both scooters are closely matched in weight and foldability, emphasizing ease of transport and storage. The foldability feature of both scooters makes them suitable for those people who have less space to store them or in cases when two modes of transport need to be used such as the bus or train.

Durability and Resistance

Water Resistance: IP55 for Air Pro vs IPX5 for G30LP

The water resistance ratings assure riders that occasional splashes and light rain won’t halt their travel plans. IP55 means some protection against dust from entering the scooter, and water resistance against low-pressure water jets from any direction. IPX5 is simply water resistance against low-pressure water jets from any direction, no dust protection.

What is an IP rating? Learn more about IP ratings and waterproofing here.

Braking Systems

Air Pro and G30LP: Front Drum & Rear Electric Brakes

Both the InMotion Air Pro and the Segway G30LP are equipped with a front drum brake and a rear electronic brake, ensuring consistent and reliable stopping power. This uniform braking system across both models provides a safe and controlled braking experience, enhancing rider safety during commutes.

Segway Ninebot G30LP electric scooter parked on a sidewalk, featuring its compact and practical design for urban commuting.

Final Thoughts

After a detailed comparison, it's clear that the InMotion Air Pro generally offers more advantages in terms of speed, range, and power, making it an attractive option for most urban commuters. Its superior performance metrics align well with those seeking an efficient and speedy commute. It excels in several key areas, offering a longer range and higher speeds, which are important for effective commuting.

That said, the Segway G30LP remains a solid option, particularly for those who value the durability and reliability associated with the Segway brand. While it may not match the Air Pro in every specification, it holds its own as a great scooter well-suited for commutes.

Choosing the right electric scooter should be based on a careful assessment of your specific commuting requirements, lifestyle preferences, and budget. If performance and cost-efficiency are your top priorities, the InMotion Air Pro is likely the better choice. However, if you prioritise brand reliability and build quality, the Segway G30LP still offers great value and a dependable commuting experience.

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