5 Perfect Accessories for your Electric Scooter

5 Perfect Accessories for your Electric Scooter

When you buy a new car you almost always shop around for a few accessories that will provide an extra level of convenience, the same ideology can be applied to E-Scooters. When you purchase an E-scooter you might be eager to charge it up and hit the road, sail through the streets, feel the wind in your hair, and crank the dial to test its top speeds, but sooner or later you’re going to have to think about convenience while riding. 

Although E-scooters are fun to use and a great luxury in life, be sure to not miss out on simple additions you can make to your riding experience. Not all accessories may seem luxurious, but they do invoke a level of safety whether you’re riding or not. Check out the T-Dot Wheels certified electric scooter accessories checklist below for the best additions you can make to your E-scooter purchase. 

  • A Helmet 
  • Now this one might seem a little obvious, but yes you need to wear a helmet when you ride your E-Scooter. When riding an Electric Scooter you’ll be reaching high speeds, high speeds don’t mix well with the ground, thus a helmet is necessary to keep your noggin safe! Even at low speeds, you can incur a serious injury when operating the scooter. In the matter of safety, it’s always best to be prepared and cautious. For the E-scooter helmets we recommend: https://tdotwheels.com/products/segway-helmet this helmet will do more than enough to keep you and your head safe. 

  • Detachable Bag 
  • E-scooters don’t come with trunks or storage space, but luckily you can make a great addition to your scooter with an attachable bag! Scooter bags are small and compact, but they’re able to fit a range of items which saves you from storing them in your pockets. You can always use your scooter bag to store a safety lock, water bottles, your phone, or anything you could think of! We recommend: https://tdotwheels.com/products/ninebot-kickscooter-scooter-bag 

  • A Safety Lock 
  • No matter where you live, or where you may take your E-scooter, there is always the chance it may get taken. E-Scooter thefts are rising in popularity, many young riders find themselves looking away for a moment, and when they look back their scooter is gone. Yet this occurrence can easily be avoided with an extra level of protection. A safety lock is likely one of the cost-effective purchases you can make, a few bucks now would save you hundreds of dollars in theft avoidance. For the best electric scooter lock we suggest: https://tdotwheels.com/products/password-lock-for-kickscooters this lock will keep your scooter safe from anyone who may try to take it. 

  • Eye protection
  • Remember as a kid always seeing those scenes in movies where bugs would fly into windshields to live out the rest of their days? Not so fun when those bugs are flying right at your face. How about when a bit of sun catches your eyes wrong and you have to look away, not really a safe practice when riding an e-scooter right? Luckily, both of the above can be avoided with the purchase of eye protection, glasses will easily protect you from debris, the elements, and the blazing sun. For the best e-scooter eye protection we recommend https://www.amazon.ca/KEMIMOTO-Non-Polarized-Motorcycle-Sunglasses 

  • A Phone Holder 
  • Do you know what goes great with the E-Scooter App? A holder to place your phone in as you ride. Track your speed, track your distance travelled completely hands-free. Even if you aren’t using the app, a phone holder is great for food delivery personnel, and the average user, this way you can check your phone whenever you stop riding. For a trustworthy grip on your device, we suggest: https://tdotwheels.com/products/segway-ninebot-electric-scooter-universal-phone-holder  

    There you have it, 5 products you could adopt to make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. For the best E-Scooter accessories be sure to check out our inventory, we carry only the best for our E-scooter clientele. Shop today at https://tdotwheels.com/collections/all
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    Great insights on must-have accessories for electric scooters! The practicality of these recommendations is impressive. I especially appreciate the emphasis on safety and functionality. Looking forward to enhancing my electric scooter experience with these tips. 👍 #ElectricScooter #ScooterAccessories


    Tdot Wheels’ blog post on the “5 Perfect Accessories for Your Electric Scooter” is a fantastic guide for enhancing the functionality and style of your ride. From sturdy locks to stylish helmets, these accessories are essential for safety and personalization. A must-read for every electric scooter enthusiast! #TdotWheels #ElectricScooter #Accessories
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