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Just like cars, boats or bikes, your electric scooter is not invincible, and every so often you might run into a ‘repair worthy’ incident that requires a part replacement on your scooter. 

Instead of sending your scooter to a repair shop, there are a few replacements that you can do on your own with little to no hassle. Of course, any replacement job means that you’ll need to order the necessary parts you need, most of which can be found on Amazon or from the manufacturer. 

If you need to replace a part on your electric scooter, keep reading to learn the steps for 5 easy replacements you can do on your own which include: 

  • Limit Ring Replacement 
  • Segway Scooter Screen Replacement 
  • Handlebar Grip Replacement 
  • Segway Ninebot Kickstand Replacement 
  • Bell Replacement 

If you have an issue that is not on this list or have further questions regarding one of the replacements on your electric scooter feel free to contact the experts at T-Dot Wheels here: 


Limit Ring Replacement

Segway Ninebot Limit Ring Replacement

The limit ring on your electric scooter is an essential part of the handlebar folding mechanism, this part of the scooter keeps it from folding while you are riding and securely locks the handlebar in place. 

As you could imagine from that description, a limit ring is an essential part of your electric scooter, so if it breaks you need to replace it if you intend on riding your scooter again. 

Here are the Limit Ring replacement steps: 

  1. Use the appropriate hex key to unscrew the screw from the old limit ring 
  2. Remove the screw from the old limit ring and put it to the side, you may need it later 
  3. Carefully remove the limit ring from the scooter 
  4. Put the new limit ring on the scooter. You may feel resistance from the ring, so apply the necessary pressure to securely get it on
  5. Once the new limit ring is attached to the scooter screw in the screw that came with the new limit ring. If the new screw doesn’t fit, use the old screw from the old limit ring 
  6. Double-check that the ring is on securely and get back to riding! 

**When buying replacement parts from a third-party seller (not the manufacturer) you may get screws or nuts that don’t fit perfectly, that’s why it's best to hold onto all the old materials until you’ve got the new ring attached.** 


Segway Scooter Screen Replacement 

Segway Ninebot Screen Replacement

The screen on a Segway Ninebot electric scooter is one of the most commonly damaged components of the scooter and if you look online there isn’t much information about how to replace it. 

Luckily the experts at T-Dot Wheels are here to walk you through the process! 


Here are the steps: 

  1. Grab the appropriate Allen (hex) key and remove the three screws that attach the screen to the scooter 
  2. Remove the rubber gasket from the opening 
  3. Ensure there is no debris or broken glass underneath the screen 
  4. Fit the new screen onto the scooter, make sure the screen fits properly and is lined up with the screw holes
  5. Screw in the three screws you took out earlier and secure the screen to the scooter 
  6. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen so it’s crystal clear

What could have been a major impairment to your scooter is fixed in only a few simple steps! 


Handlebar Grip Replacement or Colour Change

Segway Ninebot Handlebar Grip Replacement

The grip on the handlebar of the electric scooter will likely be one of the first things you’d need to replace on your scooter. Your handlebar see’s more wear and tear than any part of the scooter (other than the tires). 

Alternatively, you might just want to put on custom grips or coloured grips, either way, follow these instructions to replace the grips on your electric scooter.

Removal Instructions:

  • Step 1 Twist the grip off of the handle bar, All segway scooters are friction based and simply need strong twisting to wiggle it out of the handlebar.
  • Step 2 Slide the grip off of the handlebar. 
  • Step 3 Position the new fixed grip so that the key on the inside opening aligns with the groove on the handlebars and slide the grip all the way on.  
  • Step 5 place your hands on the grip as if you were riding the scooter, and test to see if the grip is on securely. 

Replacing the grip on your electric scooter is a 2-minute process, be sure to double-check that everything is screwed on correctly, and fasten tightly before riding the scooter. 


Replacing the Kick Stand on Ninebot Max G30/G30LP

 Kick Stand on Ninebot Max G30/G30LP

Imagine you go to jump on your Ninebot Max G30 or G30LP and right when you get on the kickstand breaks. Can you still ride your electric scooter without a kickstand? Of course, but it’s still inconvenient to not have a kickstand. 

Replacing the kickstand on your Ninebot Max G30 or G30LP takes no time at all, check out these steps on how to do the replacement yourself. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Put the kickstand in the down position (if possible) or at least move it so that both screw heads are visible. 
  2. Remove the two screws with the Allen (hex) key that came with your scooter 
  3. Remove the old kickstand from the scooter, but be sure to hold onto the screws if the new kickstand does not come with new screws
  4. Place the kickstand on the scooter, line up the holes on the kickstand with the holes on the scooter
  5. Screw in the first screw, but do not tighten it
  6. Screw in the second screw and ensure the kickstand is in the right place/position
  7. Tighten both screws until the kickstand is fully fastened. 
  8. Place the kickstand in the down position and place the scooter (unfolded) upright on the ground to see if the kickstand was attached properly

As we said, replacing the kickstand on your Ninebot Max G30 or G30LP is an easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes. 


Replacing the E-Scooter Bell

Segway Ninebot Bell Replacement

The bell on your electric scooter is there to keep you safe and to alert others that you’re nearby, while this may not seem like a big deal, having a broken bell puts you and others in danger. 

Thankfully replacing the bell on your scooter is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to do. 

Here's how to do it: 

  1. Remove the left grip from the handlebar (instructions above) 
  2. Loosen the screw underneath the bell with the appropriate hex key 
  3. Slide the old bell off the handlebar 
  4. Slide the new bell onto the handlebar and screw it into place 
  5. Reattach the left grip 
  6. Ring the bell to make sure it’s working and well fastened 

Ring a ding ding your brand new bell is fastened to your scooter and you can now safely traverse the concrete jungle on your daily commute! 

If you have an issue that is not on this list or have further questions regarding one of the replacements on your electric scooter feel free to contact the experts at T-Dot Wheels here:

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