How to Maintain your Electric Scooter’s Battery

How to Maintain your Electric Scooter’s Battery

Electric Scooters are relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain, but for long and healthy life it’s better to always take extra steps. As you likely know, E-scooters don’t require a ton of maintenance, the battery on the other hand does require some attention as it is very easy for this part of the device to malfunction. 

This article will outline not only key steps you should take to prolong battery life, but also everyday tasks that you can do to keep your battery in tip-top shape. If you’re having issues with your electric scooter be sure to check out the T-Dot Wheels maintenance service, our qualified technicians will gladly repair your scooter in no time! Contact us today for more information at: 

Lithium Batteries - Electric Scooters

Maintenance of your Electric Scooter’s Battery 

Ever wonder how such a small battery can create so much power? All Electric Scooters are made with Lithium-Ion batteries, which are low in weight, far smaller than lead-acid batteries, and deliver much higher performance. These smaller batteries are equipped with the technology to easily power your E-Scooter, and their charges can last for hours. 

All batteries, whether it be lead-acid or lithium-ion have a lifecycle. Lifecycles are the total amount of time a battery can perform its duties, from the day of purchase until the day it can no longer hold a charge. When your E-Scooter can no longer hold a charge the way it used to, it means that your battery is coming to the end of its lifecycle. Although a battery's life cycle is already quite long, be sure to follow these tips to prolong it even further! 

  1. Never fully deplete the battery’s charge. Although it may be easy to take your Scooter out, ride around for a couple of days, and plug it in when it stops working, this type of action is sure to run your battery ragged. Similarly, you never want to overcharge your battery either, overcharging the battery can also result in a lower performance per charge. Our research shows that it is best to keep your battery charge to about 90% and be sure to plug it in around the 10% battery life point. Most Electric Scooters are built for 500-1000 charge cycles (0%-100%) by never letting the battery die, and by never overcharging it, you can extend its overall lifespan. 
  2. Don’t use your E-Scooter in extreme temperatures or elements. Can you store your E-Scooter outside? Yes. Should you store it outside in a Canadian winter? No. Just like any other battery, Electric Scooters can be damaged by outside conditions, this means you shouldn’t expose the unit to extreme temperatures (Cold or Hot) or extreme climate conditions (heavy rain, snow, or wind).
  3. Use the charger provided upon purchase. Unlike our cellphones, you can’t switch out the charger you got in the box with some cheap knockoff from Amazon. The charger you get when you purchase an E-Scooter is specifically designed for that unit model, by switching out the charger you are introducing a foreign element to the battery which will most likely lead to less wattage per charge, reducing the batteries performance. When in doubt, buy a new charger from the company you got the Scooter from. 
  4. Don’t overwork the E-Scooter, it isn’t built to be abused. Unlike some other electronics, your Electric Scooter isn’t designed to handle constant wear and tear, they need time in between uses to properly recharge, this is also key to avoiding overheating. You definitely can use your scooter for everything you desire, but once in a while make sure to power it off, plug it in, and give it a proper break to avoid the battery from shorting or giving out. 
how to maintain scooter battery

4 simple steps is all it takes to ensure your Electric scooter will have a long and powerful lifecycle. Always remember, these devices may not need a whole lot of maintenance, but in the long run it is beneficial to take extra steps to avoid a costly headache. For the best in E-Scooter repair and maintenance, you can trust the experts at T-Dot Wheels. 

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